FROG® Jump Start®


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About This Item

This start-up hot tub shock is conveniently packaged in a single-use, easy-to-pour packet. Once poured into the water it quickly dissolves before hitting the bottom of the spa, so bleaching does not occur. You will be able to see the bubbles as the FROG® Jump Start® goes to work providing an initial chlorine level for your freshly filled Softub Spa®. Using FROG Jump Start takes the load off your FROG® @ease® SmartChlor® Cartridge so it will last a bit longer. Jump Start is a dichlor product and therefore is compatible with all other Softcare chemicals.

Jump Start is only to be used when starting up a freshly filled Softub Spa and is included in every @ease box. For monthly maintenance please use the FROG Maintain® Packet.

Disclaimer: It is very common for well water to be high in metal content, especially iron, and for the calcium hardness levels to be very high when starting.  When left unbalanced or untreated, it is hard for @ease to perform successfully if metals are present and/or calcium hardness are high.  Not only that, but high metal and hardness levels can cause issues with spa equipment and filtration over time.  For that reason, when customers are on a well, it is important that they test and treat their water for metals using a metal sequestrant before getting started with @ease.  Many customers also find success in reducing their starting hardness level by using a hose filter when filling their tub.