FROG® Maintain


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About This Item

This convenient one-dose easy-to-pour pouch is used for periodic shocking. FROG® Maintain® contains no chlorine and only takes 15 minutes to take effect. Once in the water FROG Maintain quickly dissolves and eliminates organic contaminants. Non-chlorine shock means you get clean water without any Cyanuric Acid.

Use FROG Maintain when replacing your SmartChlor Cartridge or once a month.

Disclaimer: It is very common for well water to be high in metal content, especially iron, and for the calcium hardness levels to be very high when starting.  When left unbalanced or untreated, it is hard for @ease to perform successfully if metals are present and/or calcium hardness are high.  Not only that, but high metal and hardness levels can cause issues with spa equipment and filtration over time.  For that reason, when customers are on a well, it is important that they test and treat their water for metals using a metal sequestrant before getting started with @ease.  Many customers also find success in reducing their starting hardness level by using a hose filter when filling their tub.